Please Cum On My Face

By | August 19, 2009

BukkakeI have one client who gives me a private office to work in. It’s far better than working in a crowded, noisy and distracting office and great when I have some complex work to do. It also has air conditioning.

It does have one drawback – no windows.

So when I emerged this evening to drive home it was a pleasant surprise to be greeted by glorious sunshine. A little hot when I got in my car that doesn’t have air-con, but a nice surprise nonetheless. It’s quite a shock to go from a constant 22 degrees to 26 degrees like that and brought to mind what it would be like to abstain from sex for a while and then suddenly get it full-on again so to speak.

Suze and I have been together for so long that I can’t remember what it’s like to be between girlfriends and have one of those dreaded “dry patches”. I can kind of recall the utter joy of getting back into bed with someone after wanting a good shag for several weeks or months, but I have the feeling that were it to happen again and (heaven forbid) I was no longer with Suze, that it would be amazing.

The nearest I came to it was being separated from Suze for a couple of months when she went to work in Greece. The airport reunion was something else, and no we didn’t shag on the concourse.

I don’t suppose Suze would have the perseverance to try it but as an experiment it might be interesting to see how we’d feel after two months without sex, maybe even without sex and masturbation. And then to see what would happen if we were suddenly able to do what we liked to each other.

Would we do things that we wouldn’t normally do – like Suze begging me to cum on her face – not something that she gets off on under normal circumstances. Or would we just do more of what we normally do?

Like I said. Probably not something that Suze would want to try, and I think I’d be having daily wet dreams too so the laundry would be a pain. LOL