Wanting The Postman To Slip Something In My Box

By | August 20, 2009

SuzeThis week the weather here has improved day by day. Today must have been one of the hottest this year. And because I’m now working from home I can get round to some of those maintenance jobs we simply haven’t had time for.

I got out the sander and took the top coat off our front door in preparation for repainting. I was trying to recall exactly when it was done last and it must have been about 5 years ago. The paint had started to peel and it looked a mess let alone wouldn’t stand another Winter.

And so the past couple of days I have been re-painting it. You don’t know how much you miss behind closed doors or at work. There are all sorts of goings on that you aren’t normally privy to. Like the Gypsy runs that take place. They drive down our road with lorries looking for scrap metal to sell. We don’t just have one, I think we now have 4 different sets of them.

Then there is the postman. Our’s has a face like a spanked arse or a bulldog chewing a wasp, go with whichever simile works best. Lol He is notorious on this site for being nicknamed The Rammer because that is exactly what he does with our mail.

He simply forces your post in to the letterbox opening in the door and whatever sticks out is left to advertise to the whole street that you aren’t at home. Good eh! Well, I’ve been spared from having him visit this past few days whilst I have been working outside.

Instead we have a new young, virile guy who I would like to have permanently but unfortunately I bet he is only a temp whilst The Rammer is on holiday. This morning he passed me the mail and asked if I was well, which was a pleasant change from the grunts I normally get off the other one.

Yes, Mr Postie looks quite fit with his athletic build and dark brown hair. I wonder if he has time for a coffee when he is on his rounds…