Afternoon Masturbation

By | August 20, 2009

SuzeIt was a dull day today with not much inspiration to write I though I would slip off to the bedroom to watch some of the new porn DVD’s we have received for review. Perks of the job. 😉

I selected the scene MFM with Jenna Haze who is gorgeous. If ever she wants to do a FMF scene I’m available. Lol As I lay back on top of the duvet the scene kicked in to action. Whilst she was BJ’ing the guys I reached over in to my top drawer to retrieve my old faithful clit vibe.

First she took one and then two…

What a lucky girl, she gets two hard cocks and I have to settle for a bit of masturbation. Never mind it could be worse, I could be at work. I’m feeling kind of mellow and don’t want to rush things so I take my time, watching Jenna get more than her fair share of cock.

At the DP scene I can’t hold back any longer, I’m ready for some fun and my clit is already slick with my own juices. I take the vibe and run it between my pussy lips, ensuring that it is moist before pressing the on button.

I haven’t used a clit vibe for a few days and abstinence always makes the experience more intense, so I know I’m in for an earth shattering orgasm. With the slightest touch I lower the vibe over my now swollen clitoris.

As it touches I shudder with the heightened sensitivity as my nerve endings go in to overdrive, tingling and sending messages up and down my spine. The problem is I’m so close that I will come quickly and I want to savour the moments of intimacy with my clit. I don’t want to come, not just yet.

I’m no expert at edging myself, I usually just go for it but to make the encounter last I try applying the vibe to my clit and then removing it, letting rest against my pussy lips. The vibration is still there but not as intense.

After a few moments I place the vibe on my clit again. Fuck! I need to remove it again and place it on my pussy lips, savouring the tingles I’m now getting. I’m edging, keeping myself aroused but not allowing myself to come.

No, I’m not to come yet.

That time it was so close I was almost tempted to let myself slip in to orgasm. The tingling subdues and I apply my vibe to my clit, intending to remove it once more before letting myself go all the way. But I couldn’t resist, the tension in every fibre of me needed to be released and my legs were trembling, my clit pulsing, my fingers and toes buzzing with sexual energy.

Lowering the vibe down on my clit once more I braced myself for the orgasm about to rip through me. Back arched and Pelvis tilted to focus the waves of electrical energy about to surge through my body I let myself go.

It ripped through me like a tidal wave and I let out the most enormous whine and immediately thought about the open windows. Twitching and holding my breath I convulsed as it took over my whole body.

Then moments later I slipped in to a post orgasmic haze for what seemed like minutes but must have been seconds. I gasped a first breath and smiled. Feeling inspired once more for some reason. 😉