The Ultimate 3D Cyber Sex Is Here

By | August 21, 2009

Yellow BikiniThe Internet will be humming with even more tales of James Cameron’s new movie “Avatar” by the time you’re reading this. The speculation and buzz surrounding the production since its announcement has raised expectation and from the little I’ve seen it isn’t going to disappoint. Even if the film wasn’t 3D the imagery looks staggering, so much so he might even get away with a ropey story. Let’s just hope that’s not the case.

But the fact is that Avatar is the film that everyone thinks is going to mark the coming of age of 3D movies. From the excited 3D B movie days, through the dire Jaws 3D period to this new computer augmented and generated age there’s always been a fascination with 3D, and now it would seem the technology is actually mature enough to deliver what the first pioneers promised – an immersive and believable 3D Film that grabs you by the (metaphorical) balls and doesn’t let go until the house lights go up.

Where to next?

Well, take Tron. When it was produced in 1982 on the Super Foonly F1 a souped up DEC PDP-10 mini computer only 10 to 15 minutes of actual computer animation was used, and it took months to render. The new Tron Legacy film makes it look rather quaint. As we all know computing power is cheaper by a factor of several million since 1982 so my PC can deliver a 3D game of Tron Light-Cycle duelling in real time if I want it to without really breaking into a sweat.

If you have an XBOX 360, or a PS3 the almost lifelike rendering of in game characters would be disturbing if it wasn’t so much fun. The natural progression is of course that in few years with some simple AI your PC will be able to show you a CGI webcam girl with personality and probably better picture quality than you can currently get from webcam sites.

With texture wrapping and customisation you’ll be able to pick your girl from a list of lucratively licensed favourite adult stars and customise them to your own tastes.

Not totally immersive by any means but ultimately cheaper, higher quality video and perhaps more fulfilling for the end user?

I need a team of software developers and some 3D motion capture hardware … and some porn stars.