Nude Lesbian Acts ;)

By | August 21, 2009

Scissor SistersWe have been watching The Hotel Inspector on Channel 5 and become quite addicted. The premise is that Alex Polizzi, the granddaughter of Lord Forte of the famous hotel chain goes in to failing hotels and gives them help to recover.

She is a very down to earth woman considering the dynasty she is born into and a very good businesswoman, she knows her stuff. It also helps that she has good industry contacts too.

Each week she takes on a different establishment to trouble shoot, a little like Gordon Ramsay without all the expletives. Lol

Last week she was in the beautiful Glangrwyney guest house set in 37 acres of Black Mountain terrain. The woman running the guest house which was a very beautiful Georgian building did not have a clue and insisted in decorating the whole house in erotica of every description.

You can read about here.

There were naughty sepia images hung in the rooms and various items of porcelain scattered about. But what caught our eyes and the hotel inspectors was a little trinket box adorned by two women who were obviously engaged in the act of scissoring.

This is how the Urban Dictionary describe the act, I think I would have been a bit more subtle lol

I can’t help but think of the opportunity I had to try this our some years ago and didn’t… I went down on her instead. 😉