Fucking Him, Fucking Me, We Are Such Dirty Fuckers

By | August 22, 2009

Some days I feel just plain dirty, there is simply no other way to describe it. I have to take fucking to the limits. Saturday night was no exception, I felt so horny, naughty and dirty. A great combination for Alex.

Most week nights we get straight down to doing the dirty with very little foreplay, mainly because we are tired from a day at work. There are exceptions but generally we get straight to fucking like rabbits.

Weekends are a bit more special, we have time to languish in the act and indulge in some naughtiness. Saturday was just wild!

Aware of my kinky side breaking free when we had showered together I disappeared to the bedroom to prepare.

Alex had a new butt plug to try out so I put that on his bedside drawers. 😉

Still towelling himself dry Alex entered the bedroom and wrapped the towel around his waist. He walked over to the DVD player and placed one of our latest DVD’s in the drive, Maison Erotic by Harmony. They are one of my favourite producers at the moment, the right balance of kink and pornstars.

He walked over to his side of the bed and removed the towel, casting it on to the chair. As her reclined on to the bed he passed a remark about me being horny tonight. He was so right. 😉

I was prostrate on the bed next to him, totally naked and I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist. Without further words he made his way down the bed and between my open legs. His left hand glanced my nipple and then took a hold, gently squeezing. I could now feel the warmth of his breath upon my pussy as his tongue worked between my labia.

Oooh! He found my clit and began to work it with his tongue. In auto response I began to thrust my hips against his face.

“I want to take your ass”, I whispered.

He raised his head from between my legs and gave me that knowing look, he had seen his new butt plug…ready to go. I wriggled over to his side of the bed and took hold of it. “Get on your knees, I want to see this pushing inside your tight ass”, I said in a kind of semi cliché way but I meant it.

Alex did as he was asked and assumed the position on all fours, his ass pointing towards me. I reached over to my bedside drawer and reached for the bottle of lube. I squoze a drop on to my finger and worked it around his anus in a circular motion and then applied a couple of drops to the plug.

I pushed the plug against his pouting ring and he began to open up for me. Boy, was he ready for penetration the plug slipped in with ease and I took a firm hold of his balls and gently tugged downwards on them. His cock was swaying beneath him, semi erect and starting to drip pre cum on to the sheet below.

That final push of the plug release a low gargling groan from Alex, an appreciative moan of pleasure as his rectum was filled with the plug. I let go his balls and reached under him for his cock with my left hand. His cock was now hard and I pulled back his foreskin and used my thumb to spread his precum around his helmet.

Then I started to slowly wank him as I slipped under him and took the tip of his cock in my mouth, continuing all the while to wank in long deliberate strokes. The warmth of my mouth around his bulging glans triggered an automatic response from his hips as he started to gently fuck my mouth.

I reached round and wiggled his plug, then pulled it a little of the way out and he pushed back against my hand, urging me to replace it inside him.

At this point I felt the need to do something naughty to him, not that I hadn’t already, just something to help him towards anal induced orgasm. I had the perfect idea as the toy hanging from the bedhead tempted me to use it.

It was the leather flogger.

I removed it from the bedpost and struck it across his right cheek. He moaned, he liked it!

This time I flayed it over his left buttock and he gave the same response. This time I raised the flogger above my head, holding the ends as I took aim at the white fleshy buttocks before me. At this point I was really getting in to the role of Domme.

The flogger hit him with a little more sting this time but to be honest it is hard to hurt anyone with this despite it being leather it is more about the sensory aspect than wanting to inflict harm. Which I don’t, I’m not in to that.

Alex was enjoying the scene and very aroused, his cock was oozing string after string of precum on to the sheet, forming a wet patch beneath him. I took hold of his cock again.

“I want to fuck you, bend over”, he instructed me.

I was too aroused to say no and turned to face him with my head pointing towards the bedhead. Placing the flogger on the pillow to the side of me I parted my knees in anticipation of the fucking to come. 😉

Without warning he thrust deep and hard in to me and I yelped, more with surprise than anything else. He started to pound in to me…he was beyond slow build up’s…I guess he was ready to spill his seed.

My g-spot was being assailed by a fat cock and within moments I was moaning like a whore and Alex’s fucking was accompanied by a sloshing. I was too wet. Alex withdrew and blotted his cock with some toilet tissue and then pushed himself back in to my hot wet pussy. I pushed against him forcing him to plunge to my cervix. His balls made contact with my swollen cunt.

A few jabs more and he was trying to climb inside me, riding my back as he released himself inside me. He growled and moaned like a caged animal and the collapsed on to my back. I couldn’t take his weight and we both fell on to the mattress, spent, fulfilled, pleasured to the max.