Somebody Stole My C*** РIs The Arousal Caf̩ The Hotest Place To Go In Wales

By | August 23, 2009

Arousal CafeI’ve heard it said that when the word local is used in connection with anything you may as well substitute the word crap. You know – local newspaper, local Tv, local amenities.

While that might be a bit cruel it’s often true. However in the case of Barmouth on the mid-Wales coast on local business has got a bit of notoriety due to a persistent piece of vandalism.

As Barmouth’s Wikipedia entry puts it:

“One of Barmouth’s star attractions in recent years has been the Arousal Cafe. Originally the ‘Carousal Cafe’, the letter C was stolen soon after the sign was put up. The owner replaced the C numerous times, only to find it stolen again. He has since ceased his attempts to fix the sign.”

It therefore makes a great little puerile but pertinent post for us :o)