Getting All ANAL-litical ;)

By | August 23, 2009

HammockFollowing our attempts to DP me the other night I haven’t had chance to try my new anal toy again. Actually I’m contemplating having another attempt at using it tonight.

It really seems like a good toy for beginners anal but I’m having problems using it in conjunction with doggy fucking. The anal vibe tends to get in the way and Alex has a problem thrusting in to me with it in situ.

And unfortunately for me, I can really only attempt it whilst being fucked when my sphincter muscles relax and allow access. The toy is basically a set of anal beads with a bullet vibe in the tip, which feels great when it is on.

The problem is with the rigidity of the beads, they are stiff as if mounted on a wire shaft which doesn’t bend that easily.

Is there anyone out there who can recommend some softer anal beads with a vibrating tip which aren’t too challenging to an anal newbie like me.

Alex pass the lube…