Vile Sex Scenes

By | August 24, 2009

Alex ReidThe tabloid press don’t half know how to cook up a storm with their reporting techniques.

I’ll elaborate. Love them or hate them Katie Price aka Jordan and Peter Andre are the headliners of the moment in the press. If you haven’t read the paper lately or have been on another planet, they have split up and whilst Peter is being for the most part very dignified and silent about the problems within the marriage which forced them apart, Jordan isn’t.

Nothing new there then. Lol

She has been seen recently out and about with Alex Reid a guy I had never heard of before the press ran the features. He is apparently a cage fighter. I must admit he looks quite toned and tough and isn’t keeping his relationship with Katie quiet. And he’ll need to be tough because the press seem to be more supportive of Peter in this, not that they take sides or anything.

Which means they will print anything they can find to bring Alex down at the moment. The latest headline I read this morning was this one featured in the Mail “Katie Price and Alex Reid put on a show for the cameras after his vile sex scenes surface”

Now exactly which vile sex scenes are they refering to? I know he is currently filming Killer Bitch which is reported to be a “fictional full length feature movie with real fights, real criminals and real sex” but please…don’t blow things our of all proportion.

If you are interested you can find the article here.

I’m getting the feeling that Alex is going to be the fall guy for this one when really we ought to be looking at Katie.