Putting It All On Show

By | August 26, 2009

French WenchA couple of years ago Alex and I attended the Adults Only Show in Birmingham and we decided to make a couple of days out of the trip by staying over. The show was fantastic and we had a great time making new contacts.

And on the way back we found a great Italian taverna which prepared some delicious dishes. Once stuffed to the brim we went back to our hotel room.

The hotel we stayed in was a plush one, in fact we haven’t been so extravagant since. We had a lovely room with great views, the reason being that the room was glass fronted from floor to ceiling.

Wandering around the room semi naked didn’t bother me even though there were other residential tower blocks across from our hotel. In fact I think I quiet enjoyed the thought of someone possibly watching us from their living room window. 😉

We didn’t even close the curtains when we got jiggy on the bed.

At the time I remember thinking “do the residenst in the flats not bother watching television like the rest of the population at night because there is live action going on right over the road?”

It seems this could have been a possibility after reading this story in the Sun the other day the hotel is quite famous for its views and we aren’t talking city scapes. Lol

I wonder if any of our readers in Birmingham have guessed where we stayed.