Belong And The Latest Comments Widget

By | June 3, 2007

If you’ve been wondering how some of our commenters have an image appear next to their names on the sidebar widget, wonder no longer. All you have to do is join belong. It’s a part of the site we’re hoping to develop over the coming months to include other features, but for the moment you can register an avatar which appears next to all your comments on this site, and on the sidebar.

The avatar must be no larger than 80×80 pixels and can be a JPG, GIF or PNG file. No animated GIFS please. We host the image for you, so no hosting on Photobucket, Flickr or what have you, just upload it straight from your PC to our server.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Join “Belong” here
  • Activate your registration by clicking the link in the registration email
  • Register an avatar
  • Wait for us to approve it (this is so we can check it’s of a suitable size and content)

All your comments, past and future will now use this avatar, it will be automatically added to your old comments and displayed against your new ones on posts and the sidebar widget.