She’s Been Sprayed With ? !

By | September 2, 2009

Photoshopped to fuckOn the whole I’m one for natural beauty rather than the manufactured kind. I do make exceptions and occasionally a bit too much makeup on the right occasion is very attractive.

One thing I don’t like at all is utter deceit when it comes to looks. I’m no oil painting and I don’t expect everyone else to be perfect when it comes to their looks. Whatever “perfect” is.

So imagine my reaction to this image. It’s exactly as I found it. I’ve not exaggerated the flattening of the skin tones or the blemish removal. I laughed at it, the shear ridiculousness of the image. Then started to wonder if people actually like this sort of hyper-touched up image.

To me it’s like looking at a porcelain doll. It makes the model look inanimate, lifeless, not human. It’s not at all stimulating or indeed sexual. It’s not the model’s fault but whoever thought that doing this to the image would be a good idea. It’s like she’s been spray painted.

As Suze pointed out, just like Merrill Streep and Goldie Hawn in “Death Becomes Her”.