School Mistress Fantasies

By | September 2, 2009

Tanya Tate School MistressThere are some people (men and women) who you look at and think “They are going to be soooo naughty.” I’m talking here about before they get their clothes off 😛

Sometimes it can be a look, a smile a few words said in a certain way, a laugh … sometimes it’s indefinable. I know a few people who fall into that category – the uber-naughty – Suze is one of them and Tanya Tate is another.

This leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. Let me explain.

If you browse the web and search for say “School teacher Porn” you’ll find a lot to satisfy your desires. As with any phrased suffixed with the word “porn” someone will have created an image, a site, a genre or a whole sub-culture around it. It all falls foul of one problem, a lack of soul.

There are some undoubtedly hot women out there all dressed up as teachers for my delectation. Some with simply be bursting out of their tight little skirt suits, others will ready to spank me, or even take a cane to may ass (erm no thanks on the latter if you were wondering). However almost without exception they don’t quite do it for me in the way that Tanya does.

She has a playful glint in her eye, that smile is genuine and she’s never far away from a sexy little laugh.

So what’s the problem?

Well the problem is that it’s difficult to talk to someone professionally when you’re having a schoolroom fantasy about them. And I’ve been in that particular position with Tanya Tate. We had a good chat at a trade do a couple of months ago. You see she’s no longer an object of simple lust. She falls between anonymous object of kinky desire and women I know intimately.

Having fantasies about Suze is fine and very rewarding. We share a bed and bodily fluids every night so I can get as kinky with her as I like and fantasise about fucking her all day until I can’t do my work properly.

The reason this dichotomy came to light was through writing this post earlier and being reminded of this post on Tanya’s blog.

I’ve had to come to a decision. Do I preserve my integrity and stop having fantasies about industry people I meet?

Bollocks to that, school mistress Tanya is way too sexy.

And I’ve been a very bad boy.