Bouncing Boobies

By | September 2, 2009

We girls know just how important it is to have adequate support when taking part in exercise and sporting activities. I own a few sports bras to stop the jiggle when I’m working out at gym and the do the job perfectly, lashing everything down to avoid the bounce thing that you get if not.

I was reminded of this when out shopping today. Alex were in the car waiting at a junction to pull out and a girl came jogging up the road with no support at all. It was quite a delightful spectical but I’m sure she would feel it when she got home.

Alex enjoyed it immensely I had to remind him to pull the car forward with the queueing traffic. Lol

Then again bouncing boobs can help you sell as in the video above which believe it or not is for Insurance. You can always go over here and remind yourself why you need a good sports bra or if you are a guy just for fun. 😉