Celtic Cock

By | September 5, 2009

KiltDo you remember I posted a few weeks ago about Tesco stores retailing larger sized condoms. Due to alleged customer demand the store introduced the XL Durex to their range of prophylactics.

The average size condom is 8″ but the new XL range are 8.5″ with an extra 1mm of width. Which as Alex pointed out is not much as he suffers from them being too tight if he has to wear them and that hasn’t been very often over the last few years.

In fact the last time was a few months ago when there was a mix up with my pills and we had to use them for a full week. I don’t think we quite made the full 7 days before we abandoned them and kept our fingers crossed.

The results are in and according to Tesco Healthcare buyer Nicola Evans “Demand has been a success, especially north of the border in Scotland. It has been reported that more have been sold than anywhere else in the UK.

Durex XL are retailing in the store at £9.53 for a pack of 12. I can’t help but think this could be more a case of bravado than a north/south devide in penis size.

If you are Scottish and reading this I would like the hear what you have to say about it, especially the women. 😉