The Girls On Top Love Butt Plugs

By | September 7, 2009

ShinyContinues from here.

We crept back into the guest house as quietly as we could. The landlady was disapproving of having visitors in the room. Once safely behind closed doors undressed each other, all of us wanting to see each other naked.

Zoe and Lisa somehow managed to squeeze into the shower together, their soapy bodies cleaned and groped simultaneously by each other’s hands. I was next and was greeted as I opened the cubicle door by the pair of them offering to towel me down.

My cock was turgid, swollen but not upright, heavy with blood. Then Zoe lifted it up while Lisa patted my balls dry with a towel. Without words we all lay on the bed. Zoe grabbed me, turning me towards her, kissing me hard and deep. Her hand grabbed my butt cheek and pulled it. I didn’t think much of that until I felt a cold wet sensation on my anus. Lisa was rubbing lube around my puckered hole. She worked lube around my opening a little at a time with her finger. This unexpected turn of events was really turning me on. My cock stirred to full attention, poking Zoe in her stomach.

Then Lisa pressed the tip of what I knew to be her favourite butt plug against my anus. I took a breath and let it go slowly, letting myself relax. She gently worked the tip of the plug in my opening, easing inside past my tight sphincters. Suddenly, my ass accepted the plug and it was drawn in as my hole closed around the neck just above the base. I gasped.

Lisa pulled me on to my back and licked the free-flowing precum from my cock. She leant toward Zoe who kissed her and they shared the taste of me.

Zoe grabbed my cock and began to wank me slowly. Lisa watched for a while rubbing herself, hand sandwiched between her thighs moving freely because of the glistening wetness down there.

Lisa’s lust took hold. She pushed Zoe’s hand from my cock and threw her leg over me, straddling my stomach. She leant forward to align herself and lowered her wet snatch onto my cock.

Cowgirl wasn’t something we did very much but in this instance it was perfect because as Lisa slowly rocked on my cock Zoe’s mouth went to work on her breasts sucking noisily at Lisa’s nipples. Zoe was half reclined with one arm across me so she could reach both of Lisa’s boobs. I slipped my hand between her legs from behind, reaching into her hot vagina, sloshing around in its reservoir of lubrication. I withdrew my hand and eased the tip of my index finger into her ass to the second knuckle.

I felt her grip me with her sphincter muscles. We where all locked together in a three-way bacchanalian clinch. We writhed and moaned, Lisa and me slowly approaching orgasm, Zoe wriggling on my finger, seeming to want more. This went on for what seemed like hours, but was probably minutes as we were all incredibly aroused.

Lisa came, tipping me over the edge with her spasming pussy. My whole lower abdomen exploded with one huge orgasm. My balls drawn up tight and the butt plug squeezed hard by the muscles in my anus.

Lisa fell onto my chest smiling, Zoe reached around Lisa’s ass and gently tugged at my balls.


We smuggled Zoe out the next day and departed the resort with promises to Zoe that she could visit us when she shut her fortune teller’s shop for the winter.