Finger Lickin’ Fun

By | June 7, 2007

I have no idea why starting my period should leave me feeling so randy.  After all it is the most awkward time of the monthly cycle to be fucking like bunnies.  But there I was at work unable to concentrate on my job because of the naughty little thoughts that kept on popping in to my head.

My colleagues had to repeat themselves several times today because I just wasn’t listening to them.  I explained that I was so busy concentrating on my work that I didn’t hear them at first.  I could feel my nose growing as I did so, the “Pinochio” effect.  🙂

By lunchtime I just couldn’t wait to satiate myself but I hadn’t gone to work prepared unlike last time which you can read about here.   I was hungry for sex but also food, so I pulled up outside the local greasy spoon and slid my eyes across the greasy menu on the wall trying to find something which didn’t involve high lipid levels.  Lol

After purchasing a tuna salad on brown I left the café checking my watch.  How much time did I have left?  There was still a good 40 minutes to find somewhere to park up and play.  I wasn’t going to take my chances in the supermarket car ark again.  There could be CCV footage of my last visit on the internet somewhere.  No this time I had to find a quiet spot with no onlookers.

I drove to the back of the local industrial park and into a council estate and I spotted the perfect place.  A quiet car park behind the houses sheltered and quiet.  I pulled up in the end space next to the shrubbed border with bottles, cans and fag butts in it.  Lovely…I didn’t bother looking any further in to the nature of the litter around.

As I sat there eating my sandwich I thought about the link which Froggy Woogie had sent to me for the Pussy Deluxe Emergency String. I knew I should have ordered one and kept it in the golvebox but it was too late now.  😉  I hurriedly finished my sandwich, far more interested in the dessert than the main course.  In fact I eat the whole sandwich and didn’t even taste it I was too distracted.  I screwed up the empty paper bag and placed it in the sidepocket of the door.

I withdrew the emergency toilet roll out of my glovebox.  No not for that!  It’s there to wipe hands on or blow my nose or in this instance for post orgasm clean up, you naughty people.  😉  I reached for the recline knob for my seat and wound it a couple of clicks, just enough to allow easy access between my legs without the hindrance of the steering wheel.

Sliding forward in the seat I lifted myself up off the upholstery and raised the hem of my red cotton skirt.  I reached up to my hips and slid down my g-string, over my knees, towards my ankles and over my feet.  I looked around to check that nobody was around and placed the string in my handbag for later.

The very thought of my self indulgence had already slicked my pussy and when I placed my fingers between my engorged lips they were immediately moistened.  I felt warm and inviting and I shuffled on the seat, parting my legs further to ease access to my swollen bud. 

My tampon cord was in the way and I tried to grab it between my fingers.  Every time I took hold my fingers slid off the end of the string.  I’m sure the girls know exactly what I’m talking about.  🙂  Eventually I managed to wrap it around my finger and I pulled the cord back over my perineum.

I began to run my middle right finger up and down my slit, massaging my clit with each stroke.  Momentarily I caught site of myself as I looked up in the interior mirror, biting my bottom lip in concentration.  My speed quickened and I increased the pressure as I worked my coated fingers over that sensitive pink clit.

Nobody could hear but I let out a small moan as my never ending began to fire inside my pussy and clit.  It felt like intense bolts of electricity shooting through my body and in to my lower back.  Each spark bringing me closer to orgasmic release.

Now my fingers were moving across my clit, rocking it from side to side, varying the speed and pressure.  I was unaware that my eyes were now closed as my body became raptured by my own ministrations.  I pushed my back harder in to the seat and was now pointing my pelvis up towards my dexterous fingers, bucking and twitching with delight.  I was so close.

I was then shaken back to reality…the noise of a car engine broke through my hazy pre-orgamsmic state.  Shit a car!  I quickly opened my eyes to see a car reversing in to the parking space nextdoor but one to mine.  Fuck!  Did they see me?

Two youths climbed out of the car and stood talking next to the front bumper of the vehicle.  That was enough for me I pulled my skirt back over my legs and started the car engine.  The clock in the car said I only had 5 minutes of lunch left.  That would have been just enough to bring myself off but today wasn’t going to be the day.

In my hurry to leave I forgot to put my g-string back on and had to rush up to the toilet when I got back to work.  Can’t take the risk of someone checking out my snatch on the open tread stairs, that is unless it would result in me getting a promotion.  Now that’s an idea…

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