You Wanna Fuck Me?

By | September 8, 2009

mailI love The Sun newspaper not because of its insightful articles but because you can read it and more often than not have a laugh at the same time. It also, believe it or not, can inspire me to write because some of the stories are so outlandish and the surveys so flimsy that I want to investigate some of the ideas myself.

For example today they are running an article entitled “Reason Women Really Have Sex” about a book entitled “Why Women Have Sex”. I think someone should have edited the copy to read “Reasons” see what I mean. Lol

They claim that the book quizzed 1,000 women and gives 200 reasons why girls agree to sex. These are just some of the suggestions highlighted by the tabloid, see what you think to them

  • Running the Hoover round
  • To beat boredom
  • Because he bought you a nice dinner

Well, having considered those reasons, I think I can quite honestly say I have never shagged someone based on any of them. Now if they had mentioned humour and sensitivity they may have been closer to the mark.

Most women I know love a sensitive and understanding man and if he has a good sense of humour you are well on your way. 😉 Isn’t that right ladies?