Face Fucked And Faded

By | September 9, 2009

Max HardcoreThe other night we watched the second in a two part “documentary” about who profits from the porn industry. As documentaries goes it was a huge failure. It had a conclusion drawn up before the “investigation” it carried out and was geared towards supporting that conclusion without reference to anything as trivial as the facts.

Some of the observations the presenter made were valid, about the double standards some investment funds apply when buying stocks in firms, about the ethical credentials of some firms, but on the whole it was bollocks.

The thing I did agree with most of all was the intense and incessant pushing of performers to more and more extreme acts. Something that the US Department of Justice takes the same view on, having just sentenced the sick twat Max Hardcore to 46 months for his activity.

I expect more from the BBC, I expect a balanced approach and real journalism. Not some Louise Theroux wannabe reporter who’s faux naivety and lazy investigation succeeded only to highlight how little he understands about what goes on in the industry.

Porn isn’t perfect and much that comes out of the studios is just bloody dull. But I have worked for companies who help build helicopter gunships, assault rifles and cluster bombs. Who’s to say which is the more obscene?

Porn itself is not he pariah, though certain elements of the business are certainly exploitative. Porn can be a release for sexual needs for the consumer, needs that might otherwise manifest themselves in very destructive behaviour. And porn does not have to express the most depraved aspects of the human mind. The same firms I have worked for have built merchant ships, cargo containers, replacement knee and hip joints, medical instruments, body scanners and components for the space shuttle. Should we condemn the whole industry because a certain (minority) section of it serves the needs of a sick few?

Nothing is black and white, it’s disingenuous to pretend otherwise.

When a porn actress talks about Max hardcore demanding that he fucks her in the mouth until her throat bleeds I’m shocked, appalled, sickened. But I choose not to watch that sort of porn and in doing so make a choice that we all as human being make – To decide what is acceptable and what is sick. Max Hardcore’s lawyer tried to justify his films by hiding behind the first amendment and alluding to free speech and freedom of expression as the catch-all defence for any sick and depraved act “if there’s a market for it …” “if people want it …” . Bollocks.

I don’t want censorship but anyone who thinks that pushing your cock down someone’s throat until they throw up is arousing needs help. And anyone who thinks that most consumers and producers of porn believe that is normal or arousing ought to have an adjacent couch at the analyst’s office.