Sexual Misconduct

By | September 10, 2009

Police WomanFor most people £25,000 per annum is an adequate wage to be taking home. So why did WPC Ruth Carter aged 27 jeopardise this by moonlighting after three years in the force?

She started working as a prostitute whilst on maternity leave from the from Thames Valley Police force, charging £150 per hour for her “arresting” services. Sorry, couldn’t let that one slip by. Lol She even promised to wear her uniform for the punters.

Single mum Ruth said “Not long after my child’s birth I realised I would not be able to pay the mortgage, the bills and all I could have wanted for my daughter on the income that I had. So I decided to get involved in escorting”.

She offered her services via Top Hat Escort Agency which I believe has been taken down and will not load.

Ruth stated that she hadn’t claimed anything from her daughters father or child benefits. You have to ask why.? Why would you elect to enter the world of prostitution when there are so many alternatives? Not to mention the hypocrisy of plying a trade she could have arrested people for as part of her job.

At present she could still face the charge of misconduct in public office, with a maximum sentence of life. Silly girl.