Scat Man

By | September 12, 2009

ArmpitOf all the kinks and fetishes this is one that I personally cannot understand. It is instinctive in human beings to be as clean as we can, therefore why would anyone want to play with faeces. Hard as I try I cannot get myself in to that mindset, it smells awful and is the body’s waste product indicating that it cannot be too healthy a pursuit.

It seems hard enough to understand someone wanting to play with human faeces but I just read a story about a guy who broke in to a farm to cover himself in manure. David Turscott aged 40 was apprehended pleasuring himself in a muck spreader.

This was his second offence at the same farm back in 2004 he was convicted for a similar offence at the farm in Camborne, Cornwall.

Some parts of the story I did find amusing, I know I shouldn’t laugh but the next quote tickled me. The farmer was quoted as saying that he saw the shape of what appeared to be someone’s bottom and two hand prings where manure had been piled up. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the police found quite a collection at his home when he was arrested in 2004 including 260 pairs of women’s knickers, which I can understand to a degree but not the containers of liquid sludge and hard mud he also had.

I have to raise the question “surely there are cleaner ways to have your fun”. What do you think?