Stealth Screwing

By | September 13, 2009

MaskWe had little nephew over Friday night, he is coming on in leaps and bounds, such an interesting and bright little boy. He is a joy to have, it gives you the chance to be a child for a few hours before handing him back over.

So Friday night after he went to bed we both breathed a sigh of relief. They really do tire you out when you aren’t used to it. Lol We both retired to bed ourselves and watched some television to try and recharge our batteries.

Within minutes Alex was manoeuvring between my legs, parting them wider with his knees. As he pushed in to me I had this overwhelming awareness. I couldn’t help but listen for the creak of floorboards or signs of movement out on the landing.

Although little nephew was probably sound asleep in the next room I couldn’t help but feel slightly subdued by the possibility of him walking in and asking what we were doing. Until very recently we had the baby gate up, I know we should have taken it down ages ago. But it did mean that when he was in his room he was safe from falling down the stairs and we were safe from his wanderings. Lol

But when it got to the stage that he was able to climb over it using his little stool we decided that he could have his freedom. Touch wood he has never wondered in to our room when we have been hard at it but that doesn’t stop you from thinking about it.

And as I came, digging my nails in to Alex’s back I stifled my cries of pleasure as not to wake him. Having children is great but it is even better when you can hand them back.

Alex just better watch out tonight. 😉