Watching Suze Cum

By | September 13, 2009

I remember watching Suze pleasure herself to clitoral orgasm for the first time and it was something quite special. I said it in a recent post, there’s always something new to be experienced, always a new facet of sex that presents itself.

Until that night I’ve been the one administering the clitoral orgasms as it were. My digits sliding in Suze’s hot, wet groove. I’ve never been upset by her solo antics while I’m out of the house. Why shouldn’t she amuse herself, masturbation is fun and harmless. Pleasuring yourself and having someone pleasure you are two different things. They have different dynamics, different rules of engagement.

Then there’s the third way, or is it fourth or fifth or … well you know what I mean, another way.

Yes I’ve masturbated for Suze before, and we’ve played with toys, on each other and on ourselves while together. But Suze has never brought herself to a clitoral climax while I watched.

Suze’s clitoral orgasms take a while sometimes so you never know when one will creep up and take her. When I’m conducting proceedings it can be difficult to predict when the crescendo will be reached. One moment I can seem to be on the verge of making her cum, then her paroxysm recedes and only reaches the ultimate joyful, elusive destination later.

So watching Suze navigate herself towards orgasm with nothing more than a, now well practiced, finger was always going to be an edge-of-your-seat experience.

Just knowing what she intended was enough to have my pulse racing, and my cock hard. Watching her seek out the sweet spot and coax herself towards that often secretive ecstatic conclusion was doubly exciting. Added to that it was the first time I’d seen her indulge herself in a clitoral orgasm and you can imagine my state of mind.

The aroma of her pussy didn’t take long to perfume the air around us. We were both so turned on by the thought of what we were indulging in. Watching her fingers diving sliding around in the increasingly wet valley between her legs, body contorting in a slow motion ballet. Small movements at first as the sensations rippled through her body, but as she became more immersed in her pleasure she contorted on the bed. When she finally came it was like a lightening bolt. We both heard the storm approach, like thunder on distant hills but when it struck it took us both by surprise.

And like lightening the intensity of Suze’s clitoral orgasms is electrifying. Although I was there, gently caressing, sucking a nipple occasionally, I had been more of a voyeur. I experienced a pleasure which I do not seek out, but on the rare occasions on which such an opportunity has presented itself have found wickedly pleasurable.

With my cock in hand, moist with my own pre-cum I had waited for Suze’s orgasm, not wanting to peak too soon. It was all I could do to contain myself and as I suspect most men will tell you, postponing an orgasm means that when you finally release yourself the moment is so much more intense.

Sliding the skin back and forth over a firm shaft, fist buried in groin at one extreme, the skin pulled tight at the other extreme of my stroke pulls my scrotum forward. That’s a good wank. I had started slowly and deliberately, twice anticipating her climax, twice backing off as it became apparent she was not quite ready to cum.

Occasionally I’ll rub the end of my cock with forefinger and thumb, spreading my own glistening fluids over my glans. It serves a practical purpose, to lubricate, but it makes me shudder too, especially after almost coming twice. By that stage I’m very sensitive.

When I saw her release I allowed myself to cum, by now it felt like my groin had knotted like a hemp rope. The muscular pumping of my ejaculation was intense, almost uncomfortable. Because of my synaethesia the sensation was accompanied by it’s usual burst of colour. Cumming like that after holding back feels (to me) like pumping blue-while opalescent pebbles from my groin and out through my cock.

So that’s how it looked from the other side.

Strange isn’t it, not so long a go it was a heinous act to admit to masturbation. But times change and it’s now become an openly discussed part of popular culture. I can’t imagine the BBC allowing jokes about wanking when I first watched TV. OK so I’d hardly be watching late night, post-watershed material at that age, but I do remember sexual references, veiled, hidden behind a coded language that I slowly picked up as I got older.

The one that eluded me until I was in my twenties originates from Kenny Everett. If you’re not British you may not know him; DJ, TV performer and general lunatic. His busty sidekick, Cleo Rocos, was a contestant in the UK Celebrity Big Brother house BTW.

Anyway, Kenny had a character called Cupid Stunt. Clue, it’s a spoonerism. Yes, you may now call me thick, it’s so bloody obvious 🙂

To his credit he was sacked by several broadcasters (twice from the BBC I believe), for pushing the boundaries. Top bloke.

Anyway, from smutty innuendo to blogging about it for all to see things have changed. And I love it.