Venus Rising

By | September 14, 2009

SuzeIn a month’s time we’ll be packing to go to Venus in Berlin. It’s our first time and we’ll be trying to make the most of every moment of the trip. Flights and hotel rooms are booked but explaining to parents exactly why we’re going away and what we’ll be doing there is a little more difficult than the practical issues.

Our parents don’t know about what we do and we’d like to keep it that way. Annoying because they are showing an interest in what Suze is up to. We have to be really vague and edit what we say to avoid the bits about “adult” and “sex”.

Apart from the awkwardness of being in this business it does make me realise one thing that I suppose I knew before but never quite acknowledged. The adult business is just another business. OK so it’s not approved of by everyone and aspects of it (R18 DVDs) have only been legal in this country for about 10 years, but it is just commerce.

I used to enjoy my day job and to a certain extent I still do, just not like I used to and not as much as I enjoy being a part of the adult industry. It’s sort of a push and pull effect. My day job has been soured by my current employment situation, I’ll not bore you suffice to say it’s hugely frustrating, and therefore is pushing me away from the state of fulfilment I used to feel. Then there’s the adult industry that is pulling me towards it.

We’re under no illusions that adult is all glitz and glamour. It’s hard work like any other sector of the economy and made more so by some people’s dislike of what goes on within it. On the whole we’ve found the people in it to be the usual cross section of society and that they are imbued with an enthusiasm for what they do that seems lacking in my current and Suze’s previous day job.

Anyway, back to Venus. The countdown is running and you can look forward to us blogging from Berlin in one month’s time.