Where Are You Putting That?

By | June 9, 2007

Suze recently wrote about Crystal Clear Balls Anal Vibrator here, from her perspective. She has pointed out to me, repeatedly (LOL), that I should write about how it felt for me. While thinking about how to describe the sensations and feelings that anal play give rise to with this toy I think I have to put them in context with our anal play in general.

The first steps towards anal play were made by us months ago, I’d have to check the blog for exactly when. Then it was just a lubed, gloved finger inserted tentatively into my rectum. Suze was receptive to the idea of being the giver and I was intruiged by what it would feel like to have someone stimulating my prostate. I discovered on our first attempt three very fundamental things about anal play.

  1. There is no one sensation that gives pleasure, it’s a combination of five. First the stimulation of the entrance to your ass. The soft skin is sensitive and the feeling of the lube running down it, a finger spreading the lube and then that same finger or perhaps a toy sliding inside is very, very pleasurable.  Once inside four other sensations add to the first. The tightness of your sphincter around the object being inserted is in itself enjoyable. The movement of an object both at the entrance to and deep inside your colon can take my breath away. The feeling of being filled by something is in a strange way rather comforting. And finally, with the right toy, or expertly placed finger the massaging of the prostate can be very intense.Depending on the toy or digit(s) inserted the mix of these sensations varies, sometimes they are simply comforting, on other occasions highly arousing, taken to the extreme their intensity can be quite painful.
  2. Lube is very important. If the object to be inserted is relatively small, then copious amounts of saliva will often suffice, but for the most part water based lube, plenty of it, is required. Related to this is the necessity to keep those annoying little hairs around your entrance in check, pulling those inside is, I imagine never having been waxed, like having your pubes waxed in slow motion. Torture. Because they get dragged inside with the toy, even if you’re well lubed.
  3. It’s not possible for an anal virgin (being fucked by a man with his cock/toy, or woman with a toy) to have said instrument of pleasure “just slide inside” their arse. Well not unless they have a particularly accommodating arse and it (unlike most other human being’s) excretes its own lube. With a certain combination of cock size and receiving back passage it may be possible to exit the vagina of your partner and enter her ass aided only by the lubrication of her juices, but on the odd occasion that my aim has been awry during sex, Suze’s rectal sphincter has been a door most definitely closed to intrusion. Try sticking anything of any size in either of ours without appropriate preparation (lube, lube and more lube) and the burning pain that ensues will ensure the giver is left in no doubt as to the intensity of the burning pain inflicted on the receiver.

The insertion of anything into your partner’s body is by definition an invasive act. Because of that, engaging in anal play for a man or a woman requires trust in your partner. I find each experience is different, on one occasion gentle stimulation is all that I want, on another I feel the need to be pushed a little further than I have been before.

The latest toy from Bedtime Heaven was quite unlike anything we’d tried before, either in shape of construction and placement of the vibrating component. Feeling Suze ease it inside me was a fantastic sensation. The cool lube running down the crack between my cheeks, the gentle stimulation as she used the tip of the toy to collect the lube and spread it evenly around its tip and my anus … it made me want to push back and take it straight inside.

However I tend to leave Suze in charge when we play like this, she can toy with me and I trust her to do that. There’s that word again, trust. Unlike the walls of the vagina the colon is relatively delicate and easily damaged. Not that you’d believe it from the way some porn stars treat each other.

She gently worked the toy into me. She enjoys watching my reactions, and I enjoy letting her play with me, watch my arousal grow. She touches me gently, especially when the stimulation is at its most intense. That, I find the most exquisite pleasure as it acts as a striking counterpoint to the fiery maelstrom of sensations the penetration creates.

As it happened, the shape of the toy, the effectiveness of the vibration and perhaps my disposition at the time we tried the toy meant I was not able to enjoy it for as long or as deeply as I would have liked. Not that that is a criticism though. It was a delicious precursor to sex with Suze, and it means we’ll have to try it again to see how much further we can push the boundaries together.

The initial insertion was greatly enjoyed. The first ball’s entrance was even more arousing, the contraction of my sphincter as it disappeared inside was both gratifying and comforting. I could feel each of the gentle ribs as they rippled into me. Taking the second ball was just beyond what would have been enjoyable. This time at least.

As for Suze and anal … as Suze puts it, she likes it as an occasional accompaniment, a side dish if you will, but can’t envisage it as the main course. Not yet.

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