Public Masturbation In Paris

By | September 15, 2009

Eiffel TowerThe French have a reputation, deserved or otherwise, as a nation skilled in the art of love. Personally I can not make a proper assessment of the French nation because I have never even visited the place and the half dozen or so French nationals I have met have been on the whole friendly and perfectly pleasant. Two weren’t. One was a complete buffoon and the other a nasty piece of work, but as I say on the whole the French people I have had contact with have been fine.

I therefore was surprised to read this article in the telegraph.

As the author says, there is a difference between flirting and making unwanted sexual advances and flashing at a woman. I have to assume the events Emily Rose recounts are a true and accurate account of what she has experienced in the French capital and around the Mediterranean.

It is rather shocking. If the behaviour Emily Rose writes about are typical of even a significant minority of French men then it does display an imbalance in French culture that needs to be redressed. If anyone can tell me she’s talking a load of balls I’d be as interested to hear that as I would confirmation of how the average French male treats women.

Anyone have any first hand knowledge?