High heels

By | September 16, 2009

Black High HeelsHigh heels are one of the many things in life that most people realise aren’t good for your health but they enjoy them all the same. I remember once telling Suze that she didn’t have to get so glammed up to go out and psend all that time getting ready because she looks beautiful without all the makeup and heels. Her response was simple; She enjoys getting glammed, it makes her feel sexy.

I think this is particularly so in Suze’s case because she doesn’t go to the supermarket dressed up to the nines as some women do. It makes the times when she does go for the glamour even more effective for her and everyone who sees her.

I’m a big believer in ensuring that men and women have equal rights and conditions at work and everywhere else – except of course where that’s impractical, for example I don’t think most women would be too keen on a bloke giving them a bikini wax. No matter how professional the waxer I think it would be a bit too intimate and require a female operative.

So I was very please to hear that the Trades Union Congress are taking a stand against women having to wear high heels as part of their uniform – unless of course they want to. I like to see women in uniform including heels as much as the next man but she shouldn’t have to wear them unless she wants to.

Of course I can’t see many pole dancers opting out of heels, but there you go it’s all down to people having the choice.

You can read the BBC article about this here.

Or you can read the Sun newspaper’s rather amusing and self-contradictory article which starts out criticising the move then makes a couple of points that effectively support it. Well, it got the “page 3 Stunnas” outside the conference centre for a Sun promo photo op LOL