Do You Think That’s Sexy?

By | September 17, 2009

Cate Harrington And Michelle MoistI’ve got a lot of DVDs to review for the Erotic Buzz review blog over at Sex Toys Buzz. I have a bit of a problem with most of them. I don’t find them particularly arousing. It’s not that they are not good examples of their individual genre’s but the sheer number of adult moves produced and that I’ve seen means that a new title has to be different to stand out.

Of course for many the big thing is a new (female) face in the movie, or a specific type of scene that fulfils a fetish. They can’t always hit the mark with me in a sexually arousing way. So I’m having to change my review style to accommodate this and ensure that each gets a fair appraisal. I suppose it’s the transition from the initial fun and excitement of starting out on the DVD review track to a more steady and professional approach to that side of the job.

I don’t have the same problem with sex toy reviews however. I love every single minute of reviewing them. In fact I’ve got another batch arriving today so that should be fun.