Surreal Fuck

By | September 18, 2009

red Latex HotpanksAlex and I have really been veging out these past few days. He was off sick with me today so we could moan and groan at each other which always helps when you know that someone else feels just as shit as you do. Lol

We have been indulging what is left of our tastebuds with highly flavoured foods and keeping up our fluids. 😉 Yesterday I made what should have been a tasty but mild curry which nearly blew our bloody socks off, I thinks someone down at Sainsburys must have put a hot chilli in the bag of mild ones I bought for the laugh.

Alex and I almost managed to eat it all, It felt like someone was trying to burn off my tastebuds. Lol Today we decided to eat English bland and tasty and both enjoyed a lamb dinner. You have to keep up your strength when you have flu which seems to be lasting an eternity and I wish would just go and f**k off.

The sex is good though because we are both in a semi transcendental state induced by the pyrexia we are both suffering. Alex was shagging me tonight and I noticed a circle of light hit the curtains of our bay window, then it disappeared only to reappear moments later. I didn’t let this put me off although it was slightly spooky and off putting.

Alex came with such force he made me creep up the mattress with each ensuing groaning thrust until my head made contact with the headboard. Ouch! As soon as the moment had passed and the afterglow was replaced by the fever once more I made my way to the window.

The dickhead nextdoor was only doing some repairs on the inside of his bay window. Now this may not sound so strange but it was almost 10pm by then. I feel like I am living in an alternate universe at the moment, not quite with it and detached.

With each day that comes I hope that I will feel better so here’s to tomorrow…

Can I die now????