Blow Job Baby!

By | September 18, 2009

bjBecause the past couple of weeks I have been ill with flu which Alex then caught days after neither of us has been what you would call athletic in the bedroom. With our sneezing, aches and pains it has been a case of straight down to it and get the job done. Lol

We usually like to spend some time caressing, fondling and licking each other intimately before we get down and dirty. Not the that the sex part doesn’t last because I certainly have no complaints on that score, Alex is very considerate and brings me to orgasm several times before letting himself explode in me.

Well, last night I had a brief window of opportunity when I felt much better than I have for days now and I wanted to take advantage of it whilst it lasted. Although I did hope that it was the beginning of the end for this flu virus.

Now naïve was that. Lol

I asked Alex to pass me one of the 69 minty lemon strips and let it dissolve on my tongue. He knew I was up to something then and smiled as he passed it to me. Moments later I disappeared under the covers and descended on his semi erect cock.

Alex let go a satisfied moan of delight as I took his dick in to my mouth and sucked down on it. I could feel the blood coursing through his body filling his cock as it grew in my mouth. Now there was an erect cock sitting on my tongue and I pressed it firmly against his frenulum as I worked up and down on him, tightening my mouth over his length as it slid in and out.

Letting the tip almost escape and then quickly sucking him back inside my warm tingly mouth was arousing Alex, he started to thrust now with each of my descents on him and my nose ground in to the base of his erection. I coughed as it hit the back of my throat, triggering my gag reflex. Opening my throat to accommodate him without irritation eased the involuntary action but I backed off slightly, drooling like a cock whore.

He was now fully erect and standing up all on his own no hands required. I pulled off him and blew gently across his waving member. Alex gave a little shiver of excitement just as I went down on him again, this time without hands.

My head was now frantically bobbing up and down on his erection and my cheeks were starting to ache with the suction but I was enjoying myself too much to let it bother me. He fucked and I sucked. Drool once again ran from the corner of my mouth, I had forgotten to swallow once more and the saliva ran dripped on to his groin making a pool of wetness.

I started to run my clit with my left hand, the other was being used to support myself on the mattress. Pursing my lips hard against his cock and rubbing my lips up and down him was now making him twitch, a noticeable sign that he was close to coming.

Then without warning Alex started fuck me with renewed vigour and I had to back off slightly before I choked on him. He let out an almighty roar and then I felt the first shot of cum hit my throat, straight down the back of me. I coughed because it took me unawares.

Then came another, swiftly followed by another, Alex was shooting in to my mouth with such velocity that I had to pull my mouth back slightly, swallowing as I did. He tasted musky, creamy, like green beans. (You will need to read the post I did the other day 😉 )

It wasn’t my intention to blow him to orgasm I was going to manoeuvre so he could fuck me at some point but got so involved with bringing him off that it passed me by. Which meant we had to start all over again later. 😉