Where’s My Porn?

By | September 18, 2009

POrnAlex and I have been waiting for this months Erotic Trade Organisation magazine to appear on the doormat as it usually does at the beginning of each month. We have a particular interest in reading it this month because we are featured in it with an article about couples’ toys.

But there is just one problem, it hasn’t been delivered yet. And this isn’t the first time that something we had been waiting for hasn’t arrived, I reviewed a new women’s magazine a few weeks ago and they sent out 3 copies before I got one.

Yesterday I jokingly suggested “perhaps the mailman has got it and reading it as we speak”. Lol It did occur to me that packages could be easy targets for the unscrupulous mail handler, after all it’s not the first time that a Royal Mail worker has been discovered taking things home from work.

Then what did I read this morning. A postal worker spent the last 10 years hoarding packages of pornographic DVD’s and female lingerie up in his attic and is now facing a prison sentence, quite rightly.

The guy, 35 year old Alec Clark told Peterborough Crown Court “It seems I’m really in to something that’s overtaken my mind. I had no intention doing anything with it”. He had secreted toys from different companies including Pabo and underwear from Figleaves.

It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Now where is my ETO magazine? Shall I confront The Rammer next time he deposits through my door?

*The Rammer is the name I gave to our regular postman because he pushes packages through the letterbox whether they fit or not and leaves them hanging there.