Bouncing Boobies

By | September 19, 2009

BoobiesYou can call me a perv if you like but I just found and innocent way of ogling girls at the local supermarket. Lol I’m going to have to make the most of it though because those low cut Summer tops aren’t going to be around much longer.

One of the supermarkets we frequent has escalator and stair entry, the stairs running down the middle of both escalators. When we use the escalator I normally focus on the outside views through the large plate glass windows.

Today was different, it was a dull day and I was staring at the stairs instead when my attention was stolen by a girl wearing a low cut white t-shirt and blue jeans running up the stairs. Everything was bouncing along nicely in time with her movements and the view was wonderful, as her breast heaved up and down fighting to get out of her bra. 😉

It was one of those moments when you wish you didn’t have someone behind you and you could follow her all the way to the top of the stairs by walking backwards. The moment was far too short and I was destined to see no more.

As we hit the floor and started to alight the escalator another girl came rushing in and took to the stairs. Shopping just got a little more interesting. I’m such a perv but it is so good being bi. 😉