In Bed With Keni Styles Part 1

By | September 19, 2009

Keni StylesThis is the longest porn star interview we’ve ever done. Keni is such an interesting bloke with so much to say that we make no apology for that. We know you’ll enjoy the interview. part two follows same time tomorrow night.

The first film I recall seeing you featured in was Film Erotica’s Made In Italy and more recently in Miss Lucifer’s, Hell Is Where The Party Is. A fabulous production in terms of its ground breaking format and gorgeous collection of stars. Don’t get me started about Lucy Dark…

I believe that you are currently living in Birmingham but where were you born?

“I did recently take an apartment in Birmingham but it solely serves as a UK base for me. I spend the large majority of my time in Europe and more recently America. I was born in Thailand, and I grew up from an early age in England. Oh and yes I agree, I absolutely love Miss Lucifer. The Hell Is movie was great fun and really refreshing to work on. It’s easy to misinterpret that movie, because it looks so good people tend to ask too much of it. It was meant to be shot as a sexy hardcore music video style and I think it achieved that very well. For an all out story, acted and structured feature film, look out for Malice in La La Land which is Lew Xypher’s second ever adult production and it is going to be very entertaining!”

Do your friends and family know what you get up to and if so what do they think about you being an adult performer?

“Yes they do. Actually as I’ve grown older I have come to realize that yes I am quite an extrovert and an exhibitionist so for me to live a double life would be almost impossible. I often speak my mind, tell it how it is and can not lie to save my life, I would not have it any other way. Keep it real all day. My friends and family support me in everything I do and I appreciate them for it although if they didn’t I doubt it would have much if any effect on my actions. I can’t lie to myself, so I have to do what ever I feel I need and want to do to make myself happy.”

How did you get in to the adult industry, were you previously a model?

“I got into the business through my involvement in the swinging scene, and more specifically I was a Bull/Male Escort to swinger and cuckold couples. At the time I was in full time sponsored training as a Boxer and I was in peak physical fitness so when I was asked to pose for some pictures I jumped at the chance. I saw it as a great lead to obtaining professional quality pictures to advertise my services better. My first porn video shoot came when a couple contacted me to party with them. The guy asked me if I minded him filming the meet and I had no problem with it as I had been filmed many times before. Afterwards he and his wife told me that they actually had a porn website and she was an Internet porn model. I was shocked and amazed, they offered me more shoots if I wanted and that I had technically just passed my very first porn audition. From there on everything just sky rocketed and I have been performing in porn full time since leaving the Army in August 2006.”

I’ve been checking out your images and trying to read your ink. Can you enlighten me on the text running across your right pec?

“It is a poem written for my Grandfather. I learnt a lot about him when I first visited my family in Thailand a few years after he had passed away. He was a great and well respected man. Served his country and in his retirement was a main figure in his local community. He did a lot to help people and I’m told he loved me very much and took care of me when my mother left me to live in England. Everyone says I look like him and have the same characteristics and I certainly feel a connection to him. I’d like to think I was doing my family name proud with my own achievements.”

What has been your most enjoyable moment so far?

“I’m guessing you mean porn related? I used to think that sticking the big finger up to all the nay sayers and haters who didn’t think I could making it was a pretty good feeling but over the past couple years I’ve learnt that wasn’t my goal anymore. Winning awards or getting nominations every year ever since my first year in the biz kinda takes care of the negative people for me without me having to come off like a arrogant egoist or waste my breath. To spend energy on negative aspects of this business is such a waste of time, the most enjoyable moments of this job would go unnoticed if you were distracted by such thoughts. These days, for me, I really enjoy connecting with my women. First time having sex with someone is always very exciting, it’s like discovery. Every girl has a different thing that makes me love them, simply I enjoy trying to find that thing and having some fun with it! When we really connect in a scene it is so physically rewarding as well and professionally satisfying. Of course we want to make a good scene but making a good fuck is much more important. Completing a hot, intense and orgasmic scene, that is the most enjoyable moment.”

Do you find keeping a personal relationship going difficult with the amount of travel and commitment required for your work?

“I used to. When I first decided that I believed in myself and my ability, I took my bag and I went to where the work was. It came at a time when I had just come out of an intense relationship and to be honest I went wild for a while and lived a playboy lifestyle. Self gratification was on my agenda and I had a lot of fun with no strings attached. That lifestyle gets very boring very quickly though, fun is fun, all day and all night, but it is still just fun. I think a lot of people in the business, those single and those in ‘relationships’ too are very lonely. Traveling internationally, living in various different places and staying away on location is a big part of our job. Is it easier and simpler to live this life as a single man? Yes I think so. Although as the realization of single life set in I began to change my outlook on relationships. I adjusted the things I used to believe and realized that I can still have ‘relationships’. It’s only society that tells you that you can only ‘love’ one person truly. I feel as if now I have a lot of love to give, I love a lot of my friends, girl friends and girlfriends. It’s all the same, caring, companionship, affection, love and of course sex.. it’s all so easy and simple, even with this job if you truly understand how to love. In my opinion of course!”

Do you prefer live television work or film?

“I think through out this interview we are seeing a trend that I tend not to answer directly and I do blabber on a bit too much. So I’ll keep this one short. Yes. To both. I’m having sex, it really does not matter to me.”

What was the best/most enjoyable shoot you appeared in?

“I think sexually they are all enjoyable in their own different ways. Looking at the other aspects of my job, I really enjoy acting. I have been very lucky to land two lead male roles this summer and I loved being a part of both of those productions incredibly. One was the ‘Malice in La La Land’ film I mentioned earlier and the other one which was a much more demanding and difficult role was ‘Pure’ from David Aaron Clark at Evil Angel Video. After you have seen them you will see why I enjoyed them both so much!”

Part 2 tomorrow. Until then you can get to know Keni over at his blog.