Pervy Neighbours

By | September 21, 2009

Toilet SignToday is a Sunday, so for most people it means a day of rest. Not for us of course we’re pretty 24/7 at the moment. However if you work for the government like the guy next door the weekends are pretty much your own to do with as you please.

So could someone please explain why the guy has taken to starting DIY at eight in the evening?

He has all day to do his chores. Today being a particularly good day as it was dry and bright. But not this guy. Not for him starting early and using the brilliant sunshine to aid him in finishing off the work he’s doing on the front bedroom bay window. That would be far too sensible.

So we’re left with two hours or so of the evening – prime shagging time for us as it happens – with DIY dunce hammering and scraping at his bay window while we want to watch porn and shag.

You see normally it’s not a problem because the couple next door have a loft conversion and use that as their bedroom. Works out really nicely. Suze and I can be as vocal as we like when we screw and so can they – well they can if they want to but I doubt if they actually make much noise they don’t seem the type. Then again I suppose you never can tell.

Maybe he’s working on the room to move a lodger in or even one of their parents.

They are not going to get much sleep with us in the next room if that’s the case.

C’est la vie. Oh for a detached house instead of a semi.