Tit Wank

By | September 21, 2009

Tit wankI have been making references to our lack of motivation and energy these past couple of weeks due to this bug we both have. Consequently our lovemaking has been very much straight to the point, no unnecessary extras. Lol

The last thing I feel like when I am ill is long and drawn out foreplay, I just want the act and I want it now. Fast furious and sated, done. Reading that back it sounds so cold and mechanical but I can assure you it only appears that way because every additional extra, side plate if you like, saps a little more energy which could be reserved for the act itself. 😉

So last night when I lay with my legs akimbo waiting for Alex to place himself between them and fuck me I was taken aback. Instead of him pushing forward and inserting his cock inside me, he moved up between my thighs and leaned over to position his cock between my boobs.

I was totally naked BTW if you were wondering. Lol My natural reaction to this was to take hold of both of my boobs and push them around his cock, encasing it in my milky flesh topped with brownish pink areolas and nipples. Totally immersed in my breasts he began to fuck them, his shiny head appearing from within them on each in stroke, to quickly disappear between them again and again.

As he made an appearance briefly between my large fleshy mounds I spat on his helmet, ensuring that he was moistened, avoiding abrasion as he fucked my tits. The spit aiding his thrusting. I was now starting to get very turned on by something we haven’t done for a long time. Too long.

I could feel myself getting moist between the legs as I let myself go and started to move my tits up and down his shaft as he fucked the deep valley between my cleavage. Watching him thrust in and out, his cock head glistening and moist with pre cum was certainly doing it for me.

He was now full in to his stride talking dirty, his breathing deep and excited. The pace was now quite rapid and he didn’t need spit any more his cock was leaving a shiny trail on my flesh between my boobs each coated in his pre cum. I could smell him and my excitement was growing stronger.

Alex arched his back and started to make strange gutteral noises, his fucking slowed to a deliberate in and out as he edged closer to orgasm. His eyes were closed and his actions were now primal. He fucked my tits slowly and I watched as he appeared and disappeared from between them.

Then with one almighty roar he pushed his cock deep between them and shuddered as he creamed on me. As he appeared from between my tits a blob of cum hit my chin and then my neck, I felt it cooled on my skin.

I ran my finger under my chin scooping the musky issue from my flesh and raised it to my mouth to savour.

Alex collapsed next to me on the bed breathing heavily and whispering between his breaths his love for me.