Visual Masturbation

By | September 22, 2009

Girl MasturbatingWhen it comes to soap powders, moisturising products and makeup there seems to be no end to the faux science and outright bullshit the advertisers throw at us in an attempt to sell yet another product which varies little from any of the others on the market.

I think the worst offenders of all are the beauty cream vendors, some of the names they come out with to make their products sound scientifically better than their competitors are usually laughable.

Just to name a few, there is a moisturising and toning skin cream which claims to has urea in it. For the uninitiated that is a component of common or garden piss. If they said the cream contained urine would you still buy it? Hmmmm I think not.

The other one which tickled me because the active ingredient is a right mouthful to say and comes and sounds just as stupid is it contains pentapeptides. What the hell are they? I looked up the Greek meaning of the term and it translates to “small digestable”. Now you decide if you want to apply that to your face. Lol

And just today I happened across this revolutionary new way of applying mascara. No longer will you struggle to coat each lash because this brush actually vibrates as you apply your mascara. Whatever next. lol