Much More Than a Kissogram

By | September 22, 2009

BulgeYou have to feel sorry for these guys don’t you. These police from Australia decided to run around naked on a stag night and apart from dangling their tackle out when they got a little over excited their only real crime was that they were using a police vehicle for the night out. Frankly the use of a police vehicle for their prenuptial bash is very naughty, but we’ve all got naked somewhere we shouldn’t, haven’t we?

I know I have. Not very often I grant you but occasionally I’ve been known to expose my tackle in odd places.

Not normally where others might see me I grant you but it has happened.

The one that springs immediately to mind was when Suze and I had just fucked in a car in the middle of a field and I needed a pee. Suze insisted that I get out and relieve myself wearing only my boots and long raincoat. Anyone reading and sniggering should please note it was January and frosty. I said stop sniggering.

Suze laughed too, the cow.

One bad habit I have is that during the summer I tend not to wear anything at night and wander around the house naked. That’s great except that our house has a lot of very big windows, it’s one of the thing that attracted us to it. No while our sleepy road is very quite with no passing traffic I suppose I really ought to be more conscious of the possibility of the neighbours looking in.