Familiar Arousal

By | September 23, 2009

SuzeI wonder if we humans instinctively have a homing instinct? Strange question I know but after many years away I have returned to the place I spent my formative years in. Indeed my family home is only a mile away from where I am.

From the age of about 2 to my late teens I spent my time in this area. I know most of it well and cannot walk a street without a memory of some sort related to it. It’s a kind of comforting feeling despite the fact that many years have passed and so have some of the people I knew and loved.

But for me there is nowhere like it. I never left home and did the university thing or took time out to travel the world and when I was unable to stay in the area and had to live within my means I missed it very much.

So to be able to return some years late with Alex was wonderful. I never take a day for granted as I look out of our windows over rolling heather covered landscape. Simply watching the sun rise and set over the hills from our windows makes you feel alive and lucky.

Over the weekend Alex and I have taken to walking again. We spend hours sat on our backsides at the PC’s and rarely take advantage of the wonderful countryside right on our doorstep. This weekend we decided to change all that and engage in more walks for both our health and our souls. 🙂

As Alex returned to work today I kept up the walking and I intend to do it daily until I feel better following this flu and then return to the gym again. But for now walking is talking enough out of me because of my chest infection.

With the sun beating down as I walked across the open field with the birds singing and the butterflies doing butterfly things I felt at peace and to be honest quite randy. Does that seem strange? To be feeling aroused whilst out walking is a tad unusual I know but probably unleashed a whole load of emotions I have been bottling up lately what with everything going on around Alex and work.

I continued my walk which really did take its toll by the end I was sweating heavily a combination of the sun and my pyrexia due to the infection. By the time I got back home I didn’t so much feel like a bit onanism but a shower and a rest. Lol

As the days pass and I feel better I’m hoping to take advantage of this new found locomotive arousal. 😉