Sexual Grooming

By | September 24, 2009

PeekAs you may know I have spent quite a lot of time recently hanging out with the readers on social networking sites. I love to get the feedback and interaction that you cannot achieve to the same level without. The readers enjoy getting closer to me and the ability to speak to me about things.

And to be honest I like the private interactions too, those little emails telling me how they perform certain acts whilst thinking about me. Lets face it who wouldn’t enjoy knowing that they are part of a mans fantasy and that he likes to pleasure himself whilst thinking about them. 😉

This can all be taken slightly tongue in cheek and what I am about to say is in no way making light of those who do pray upon the weak and in some cases gullible women online.

I have, let’s say, attracted the attentions lately of someone who believes that a good chat up line is to repeatedly tell you that you are sexy and have a sexy body. Once, maybe twice it’s nice to hear but when it is the total sum of their chat up repertoire it becomes boring and not at all complementary or arousing for that matter.

Well Mr Lover Lover continued to send me message after message with the same old content every day he obviously thought it was winning me over because I would send him a reciprocating message by return. I don’t like to offend people when they obviously have no social knowledge or etiquette.

Finally it all came to a head this afternoon when after receiving several of his sexy emails he asked if I could give him my phone number. Yes, it was as unsubtle as that. This is exactly what he said “suzanne i like what i see can i have your number love” Lol

Well, it worked for me, NOT! I kindly informed him that I don’t give my number out to anyone. Strange, I’ve not heard anything from him since. 🙂