Can I Get Your Number?

By | June 14, 2007

Remember that I told you we invested in a suitcase to keep all our toys in, one with a lock to keep nosey parkers out of?  Well, I forgot to mention that we also have a stash of porn mags kept in a photo copier paper box, in the small cupboard under the stairs. 

Even though there are numerous free porn sites, it’s nice every now and then to get a magazine and thumb through it.  For even greater effect I have on occasion read one whilst Alex drives me around.  The looks you get a traffic lights or from van drivers are priceless, especially when they have to take a second look because they can’t believe what they have just seen.  😉

Back to what I was going to tell you.  This morning I had just stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a big fluffy white towel when there was a knock at the door.  How is it that as soon as you sit on the toilet or take a shower, someone decides to either visit or call you!

Anyway, I threw the towel over the heated rail and wrapped myself up inside my bathrobe, slipped on my slippers and made my way downstairs.  I could just make out a man through the glass in the door.  I checked out that my cleavage was showing slightly.  Did someone just shout tart?  Lol

Then I opened the door.  It was a clean shaven dark haired, olive skinned guy, about my height and dressed in a uniform.  Ordinarily the sight of a uniform would have got me slightly moist and giggly but his outfit was leprechaun green and not very attractive.  However, he wasn’t too bad but I didn’t have much time to flirt before I had to leave for work.  He had a lucky escape.  🙂

“Where is your meter love?”, he asked.

“Just under there, inside the cupboard”, I replied pointing to the small door.

He bent down to see inside and turned on his torch to assist his reading, he wrote some numbers quickly into his book, turned off his torch and closed the door.

As he left he smiled at me and I thought he could be interested for one glancing moment.

…Then…Have you every had the feeling that something isn’t quite right and you can’t quite put your finger on it?  I did but not only did I put my finger on it but my whole hand.  It occurred to me that he may have seen something naughty in there.

One half of me was willing me to take a look inside the cupboard and the other wanted to take refuge in denial.  I shook myself out of my turmoil and took hold of the handle and pulled.

I could not believe my eyes.  The last time Alex had gone down for a magazine he had left the top off the box, it was stood against the wall to the side of the door and the top magazine cover was clearly visible.

The large chested blonde on the front of Hustler could not have been missed surely.

Oh shit, shit, shit!