The Reverse Cuckold With Double Twist

By | September 26, 2009

TummyI’m confused a bit here. Can someone please explain the meaning of the term and the appeal of cuckolding. It gets bandied about a lot but I really can’t say I understand it very much.

As I understand it it’s about having sex with someone other than your partner in such a way that it is obvious to your partner that they are being unfaithful. Now I can’t get this as an arousing concept. Not at all, not a bit, for either half of a couple. For the partner out in the cold it is I suppose the ultimate in humiliation, so I suppose it would work for submissives who get off on humiliation. So therefore the flip side would be dominant partners enjoying the power rush from seeing their sub crushed. Is that it?

Anyway. My double twist would be this. I can see a variant on the cuckolding thing.

Imagine Suze sat at the side of the bed under strict instructions not to move from the chair. She can touch herself but not me or … her best mate who I’m making love to. Now it doesn’t have to be me, Suze and her bezzie mate. It could be any theesome.

Problem is that when I think about it. The couple on the bed shagging away and the jilted third person frigging themselves senseless while watching I can think of one outcome. A huge horny threesome with everyone sampling the delights of the other’s bodies.

Nah, I don’t think I’ll be cuckolding soon. Well not without a double twist.