Double-Teamed In Europe

By | September 26, 2009

EANAfter our coverage earlier this year in the UKs Erotic Trade magazine we’ve just received a copy of the European Adult News mag, where we’re featured again. As you can imagine we’re over the moon about it.

Being recognised for our longevity in the online adult world and our authoritativeness when it comes to adult products is very gratifying. There’s no substitute for experience and when toy retailers start asking you for advice about products you know you’re doing something right. Both this site and our sex toy reviews over at Sex Toys Buzz get a mention.

Venus next month should be fun too, and of course productive. That many adult industry people in one place will make for a great opportunity for us. It’ll be interesting to see what the atmosphere is like in probably the most open-minded show in the world. Its explicitness is legendary. :o)

I wonder what we’ll bring back?