Sexual Predator

By | September 29, 2009

VampI told you about my social networking stalker the other day and how he has been sending me the worst chat up lines I have ever encountered. That’s if you can call them chat up lines as most of them appear to be requests for acts that I can’t even carry out on him. Lol

I’m guessing that he has had very little interaction with females but that doesn’t excuse his blunt, unflattering and damn right stupid requests. Right, I got that off my chest.

As I pointed out the other day, after refusing to give Mr Creepy my phone number he went quiet and I thought that was the end of it all. But no if there is one thing Mr Creepy is it’s persistent and I have received quite a few chat up emails today.

I’ll share some of the finer ones with you just in case of any of you guys want to gleen any tips. Lol

Here is today’s offerings and be honest girls if you are reading these, let me know if you are at all turned on by any of them.

suzanne i want to put my hard cock in your pussy and my fingers up your lovely ass suzanne xxxx

suzanne give me a titt wank love xxxxx

suzanne i will make your pussy wet xxxxx how are you this is a good one, he actually asks how I am lol

do you want me to lick you suzanne xx

I think that give you a general flavour of the wonderful chat up lines I’m receiving, are you jealous? LMFAO