Private Sex Show – Part 1 of 2

By | September 28, 2009

BasqueIt was after five and he’d shut up shop for the day. He set about making repairs to the pile of faulty electrical goods in the dingy back room. The DVD player was dead. He’d checked the fuse, just in case the customer had omitted to do so but that was OK. So he stripped it down. The fault was easy enough to locate, a badly seated connector. He rebuilt the player and pressed the on button.

It whirred into life and as he reached for a test disk to check the drive it started to play. It was an amateur DVD, he could see from the quality and camera angle. Slightly too low, tripod mounted. The shot was of a bedroom, totally ordinary, could have been anywhere and apparently empty.

After a moment the shot juddered as if the tripod had been kicked and a woman appeared. She was wearing a tight knee-length skirt, it looked dark blue though the colour balance was a bit odd so it could have been black. Her blouse was a shade of lilac. She wore glasses and carried a shorthand pad and a pen.

She was looking at the camera, it seemed she was a little unsure what to do next. She looked into the lens and pouted slightly, then raised the pen to her lips, resting it there. Her mouth opened a little and he saw a flash of her teeth.

She turned slightly to one side, showing the back of her head and her hair pinned up in a bun. She look a the camera again, over the top of her black rimmed glasses, head slightly to one side and sucked the end of the pen.

Her hips began to sway and he could hear the sound of a slow soft melody in the background that he couldn’t make out. It appeared to be coming from a cheap stereo system with no bass.

She turned away from the camera and bending forward put down the pad and pen on the bed. Her ass was round and filled the skirt to bursting point. He could see she was wearing seemed stockings now. She’d really made the effort.

His private dancer now sat on the bed and began to unbutton her blouse. When she opened the satin curtains she revealed a lacy black bra containing a voluptuous pair of breasts. His cock was stiff in his trousers. He decided that on balance it was best to release the throbbing member from its uncomfortable prison. He was dribbling precum, the unexpected and endearingly self-conscious striptease he was watching had his heart racing.

She slid the blouse from her shoulder then reached around her back and unhooked her bra. Her breasts where as big as they appeared, mature and not as pert as they obviously once had been but soft and inviting. He imagined sliding his cock between them and stroked it in time with his imaginary thrusts.

She played with her nipples for a while squeezing her tits and becoming less aware of the camera as the pleasure took over. She lay back on the bed, sliding her skirt up over her hips until it was a thick roll of material at her waist. Her pussy was shaved and already bare, stockings and suspenders a clichéd but effective accompaniment to her swollen pussy lips.

Her hand delved to her groin and parted the outer labia to reveal a pink and moist furrow inside. Her fingers slid up and down its length spending as much time inside her as they did rubbing her clitoris. His hand became more fevered in its pumping of his cock and before he reached a climax he felt his groin tighten. Hot spunk flew from his cock and covered his hand and trousers. He lay back in the chair shut his eyes and the feeling of cum still oozing from his penis and down onto his hand accompanied her groans as she came on the TV screen.

To be continued …