Cock Show And Tell

By | September 29, 2009

CockOne thing I have learned doing the social network thing. There is no shortage of guys who are more than willing to get it out for you. Lol

Just tonight I had one approach me via email (you will note that they only communicate behind the scenes) no words, just a picture of what appeared to be a less than average cut, very red cock. Not very pretty.

My reply to him (bearing in mind that this whole thing is now wearing thin) “Is that supposed to impress me?” Can you believe he actually came back saying “Yes, I want to impress you”. I think the language barrier didn’t help. Lol

I couldn’t resist sending one last message “I have my own to look at every day”.

For some unknown reason these guys despite knowing that you have a partner feel the need to try and impress you with their cocks, when it is just so boring. It may be a good thing if you are a single girl out there but please, when I have something already on the stove why would I want to order out.

I suppose it takes all sorts. lol