I Just Can’t Say No

By | June 16, 2007

When asked to look after little nephew this weekend we just couldn’t say no.  He is so adorable and becoming more interesting by the visit.  Yes it means that Alex and I will not be able to jump each other’s bones when and where we feel like it but it is a small price to pay for the joy he brings.  I say joy but that thought isn’t present with all in the household, the cat doesn’t like him much.  Lol

He picks things up so quickly now, there is no way that you can get away with anything.  We both have to watch our Ps and Qs as he copies what we say, parrot fashion.  I must admit that today I let slip “bloody” a couple of times and stopped myself from saying something a little stronger.  🙂  How restrained, I was quite proud of myself.

The weather was not so good so we decided to take him shopping with us to the mall.  It was a handy visit as we both forgot about father’s day tomorrow.  Oops!  After a couple of indecisive hours we found what we both wanted to buy for our father’s and then ate lunch.

On the way home I almost forgot we had the little one and asked Alex if we were going to stop by our local sex shop.  When we are in town it is something we do without a thought.  I totally forgot about little nephew until Alex pointed out that it wouldn’t be a good idea with the small one in tow.  Second Oops!

So as I write this tonight and listen to the little one moaning about having to go to bed, I’m praying that he settles quickly so that we can get down to some naughty fun.  Thing is we are both tired and if he doesn’t settle soon we could end up asleep instead.  Don’t you just love kids…

I can tell you all feel for me.  🙂