How Hot Are You In Bed

By | September 30, 2009

Lycra BoobThe Daily Mail posted up a poll of 15,000 women from 20 different countries who were asked to rate nations on their ability in the boudoir and to list their reasons for selecting them. The research was carried out by global research site

It makes interesting reading and of course I was very interested to find out how British men faired in the bedroom because I have to admit I haven’t had any complaints over the years. And I’m not just saying that because I have Alex sat at the side of me. Lol

Well, I’m sorry to say that English guys came in second place with the complaint being that they were too lazy. Not in my experience but I suppose it all depends on the circumstances if these trysts occurred during a holiday abroad then there is every likelihood that the guy was a little drunk.

I suppose you have to take these things in context. You can read the rest of the survey here, it does make for an interesting read. Lol