Public Nudity In The Woods

By | September 29, 2009

Nice AssWe went out for a walk today, all part of our regime of getting back into shape after the interminable bouts of flu we both had over the past couple of weeks. Well I say had, Suze is still suffering with a chest infection. The fresh air is helping to clear her chest and despite being a bit of a challenge for someone who’s wheezing and groaning she is enjoying it.

Anyway, to the nudity.

We were on our way back and we both, for some reason were ready for a pee. We must had slightly over done it on the pre-walk hydration. Much of the route we take is through woodland, behind a golf course and along the ridge line of a wooded valley. The trees are quite varied including beech, oak, ash, elder and holly. They form secluded clearings which I suggested we both make use of rather than walk home uncomfortably crossing our legs.

I did but Suze opted not to on the grounds she thought she might topple over when she crouched on the uneven ground. Then Suze observed how “easy it is for you men”. She has a point, c’est la vie.

Suze waited on the main path while I relieved myself in the seclusion of the clearing. I realised as I stood there, cock in hand that it was ages since I had been naked, or even exposed my tackle outdoors. I’m not one for habitual and persistent displays of public nudity but I have been known to get naked outdoors for the right reason. Usually sex of course.

I felt quite good actually, getting fresh air around my bits and pieces. A bit late in the year for an outdoor shag in these latitudes though.