I Want Something In My Ass

By | September 29, 2009

AssIt was nearly the end of the week, Thursday evening to be precise and Alex and I were chilling out in the bedroom watching something or other on television. Don’t ask we what because I wasn’t really watching, more looking through it as I daydreamed about hot days and lusty nights.

We have had a few of those lately but the weather has gone back to the norm now, dull, grey and cold. But the memories of those sticky lustful nights still float in the air as I contemplate the long Winter months ahead.

In a way the colder evenings are better for full on dirty animal sex because we don’t have to set the fan up before we start. Lol As the flu virus that seems to be lingering around is subsiding I have started to feel a little more invigorated.

Both of us were in the mood and started to kiss and caress each other, something we haven’t done for a while, usually giving in to need rather than a prolonged session of foreplay. But on this evening we were both eager to kiss each other tenderly on the neck, taking a quick nibble on the ear lobe here and there.

It wasn’t long before Alex was pushing my legs apart to gain access to me and we had the most wonderful tender fucking session. I was so relaxed that it felt right to enjoy some anal action and I thoroughly enjoyed the penetration.

To read more about my anal foray you will need to check out my review on Sex Toys Buzz tomorrow. 😉