International Orgasms

By | September 30, 2009

SuzeRemember I told you we booked to go to Venus Sexpo in Berlin. Well a few things have come to mind whilst I do my in head planning of what to pack etc.

We will be over there at the largest show of its kind in Europe taking in everything sex and sexuality over the three days that we are there. There will be stands, shows and everything in between (I’ve been told even pussy thrust in your face) I think it is going to be a bit of an eye opener even for a seasoned sexpert like me. 😉

The other shows we have attended here in the UK have merely been a warm up for what I expect is going to hit me slap bang in the face when I am out there. I am hoping to make new contacts and establish relationships in Europe and afar that will see Sex Toys Buzz flourish and prosper over the coming months.

We are intending to bring you the highlights of the days discoveries as we encounter them and post regular updates so you know what we have been up to, so you can be a part of it with us.

It did occur to me though. What am I to do with the free samples of adult products when I fly home? If I put them in my hand luggage they may end up being run through a scanner in front of me and no I don’t fancy being asked why I have several bullets in my bag. Lol

And if I put them in my case will they look like potential weapons and be confiscated. What do you think is best guys? 🙂